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Former Dancer? 7 Ways to Stay Involved After Your Final Bow

Were you the consummate bun crafter, 20 second fast changer, a skillful pancaker, or a pointe shoe whisperer? Were you the dancer who never forgot a combination and always knew the counts? Whether you stopped dancing 20 years ago-- or just yesterday, there are creative ways to continue to use your experience, in dance. These suggestions aren't for crafting a career (although it is possible with #7). These are simply great ideas for reconnecting with the dance community. Read along for 7 excellent ways to jump in!

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Why I go to the barre

...Because dance cannot be replaced by fitness classes. If you've ever danced, then you know that there is nothing quite like the feeling of it. No doubt classwork is anaerobic and doing it once a week will not put you back in performing shape, but it may put you back on the road to better health. Because you feel better when you dance. 

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