Thanks, Mom: A Letter to an Accidental "Dance Mom" on Mother's Day

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You kept your promise to take me to dance after I turned 4. You took me to several studios before you found just the right one. You didn’t know a lot about dance, but as a teacher, you knew how to spot an educator. Although it was a leap of faith to know how you and dad would pay for it, you signed me up.

I was never forced to dance. Your support came without strings attached. I simply needed to do my best.

You drove me to classes, rehearsals, auditions and performances. You let me talk-out the good days and the bad days without thinking that I needed to quit. You fought my corner when necessary. You sacrificed time and things I’ll never know so that I could dance.

You encouraged me to dream the big dreams while keeping me firmly planted in reality. You made sure that I utilized all of my abilities, not only dance.

You packed me up for summer programs and drove me around the country so that I could attend the best programs. I have no doubt your prayers went with me.

But it wasn’t all serious. Remember that time we all went to Disney World and then drove to check out a host family in Fort Myers? Or how many times we stayed at the Hampton Inn in Secaucus for New York auditions?

When your gifted, A-student found herself without a plan after graduation, you gave me space to formulate one. You trusted me to make choices about my career and while it probably felt reckless for you, you went with it.

You weren’t quite tiger mom, but you always have and always will tell me that I can do more.

For this and many other reasons I am grateful.

The moment I became a mom, so much of it made sense. And, you’ll be proud to know that when I met my firstborn, I knew that not only would I continue to push myself, I would make room for her gifts to grow…

Just like you did for me.

Thanks, Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and all of the moms who read this.

Does this describe your mom? Talk about it in the comments below!

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