6 Flexible Job Ideas for Dancers

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Last week, we dug into some of the realities of a career in dance in “The Money Talk That Parents and Dancers Need to Have.” My goal in writing is not to discourage you, but rather to give you information so that you can make educated decisions about your life and career. I’m definitely a “my ceiling is your floor” kind of person!

When you are dancing for less than a living wage, you want to look for jobs that offer flexibility. Waiting tables and hosting is often a choice for both flexibility and income, but it can come at a cost. It can be hard on your body. Start thinking outside of the box for ways to make income, maintain your sanity, and preserve your body for the work that you want to focus on.

One area that I’m really excited about for this generation is technology. Although we often lament the role that tech plays in our lives, it also has the potential to give dancers more options than ever before.

Here is a list of flexible employment opportunities to consider while dancing:

Pilates/ Gyrotonics/Fitness Instructor: Best case scenario, you can choose your own hours, workout for free, and invest in a career that you can continue when you decide not to perform. If you were fortunate to pick up a certificate in this field during your academic studies, use it! Otherwise, be prepared to make an investment to gain the certifications necessary for this job.

Online Tutoring: Are academics your thing? Can you break down chemistry in a way that would make professors envious? Try online tutoring or language instruction. Choose your hours and work from the comfort of your home. I’ve heard good things about VIPKID though I have not tried it.

Teaching Dance: Do you have a passion for instructing the next generation of dancers? Submit your resume for employment opportunities in teaching. Depending on your teaching style, it isn’t necessarily all wonderful on your body. Make sure you always warm up before you teach and stay warm throughout the class. Be open with your employer and meticulous about your schedule to avoid conflicts. Teaching is a tremendous responsibility and should not be taken lightly. So, if you really aren’t interested, skip it!

Virtual Assistant: I am in several entrepreneurial groups and frequently see requests for virtual assistants. The pay and job duties will vary, of course, but with the right boss, this could be a great opportunity. If you’re detail oriented, great with deadlines, and self-motivated search for these jobs.

Online Customer Service: Do you have great customer service skills? Consider remote customer service work. Companies such as Hilton Hotels and Stitch Fix offer work-from-home positions. Some companies do work on a typical 8 hour schedule, so be sure to read all the details before applying.

Website Design: If you’re willing to learn, there are numerous resources available to help you to grow and develop your skills as a website designer or developer. If you’re reading this as a high school or college student, start working on this now so that you have a portfolio before you graduate and need the income. You may work for a company or freelance.

Be sure to keep your LinkedIn profile updated. You never know when a great position might find you!

Do you have any great ideas for employment while dancing? Share them in the comments below! Your thoughts may help another dancer!

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