Why I go to the barre

Did you know that I teach weekly classes in ballet and modern at Messiah College that are open to the community? I started these classes in August 2016 to give space for former dancers and advanced students to continue their craft. You can drop-in or sign up for full sessions (saving you money) right here under "Classes."

So, why attend Open Classes? Because dance cannot be replaced by fitness classes. If you've ever danced, then you know that there is nothing quite like the feeling of it. No doubt classwork is anaerobic and doing it once a week will not put you back in performing shape, but it may put you back on the road to better health. Because you feel better when you dance. Your posture changes. You connect with others who enjoy what you enjoy. Your brain appreciates what dance requires it to do. Your soul is fulfilled with the creative outlet. And exercises, while complimentary are just no replacement. Dance makes you feel like "you" again.

You may have only seen dance as a means to an end. It got you to the stage, working hard got you the role, a professional career, but I believe that there is so much more. You may never have perfect fifth again and you won't have the mix of exhaustion and satisfaction of an 8 hour rehearsal day, but if that is all we think of dance, than we have limited the art form.

Come back. Try it again, for the first time. Laugh, sweat, amaze yourself with what you can still do.

Join a community of dancers both in person and in our Facebook group, "Dance Nerds" and explore the new possibilities that dance has to offer you. 

I need it. And you need it too. See you soon.

Pictured: E Klinger, S Hurley, and Danielle Guillermo

Pictured: E Klinger, S Hurley, and Danielle Guillermo