10 Holiday Gifts for the Dancer in Your Life + 3 Bonus Ideas

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With the Holiday season fast approaching, you've got to make plans for the perfect gift for the person in your life with a passion for dance. Here are 10 great gifts that are fun, practical, and thoughtful for dancers and dance educators. 

1. YogaToes! These are great for your feet at the end of a long day. After dancing or teaching, ten minutes with these help to put your feet at ease. 

2. A Massage. While we're on the topic of relaxation, lets talk about a gift certificate for a massage. Do some research on this and make sure you send your dancer to a reputable location! If you happen to know the dancer's favorite masseuse or spa, they'll be that much more grateful for the gesture.

3. A Gift Certificate for Dancewear. We can never have too many leotards, leggings, warmups, and shoes. Try Eleve or Yumiko for tried and true custom designs or Etsy for handmade one of a kind items.  Discount Dance is always an option or support your local dancewear store. The dance teacher in your life may appreciate any of the above mentioned, plus gift cards to stores like Athleta or Prana for items to wear both in and out of the classroom. 

4. Tickets to See a Performance. Broadway, Off-Broadway, Concert Dance, it really doesn't matter. If it has dance in it, you probably can't go wrong. Far from a major city? Check your local theatre and college for groups that may be touring your area.

5. Earrings. Since we mainly have our hair in some sort of up-do, we appreciate a little extra eye-candy around the face. A stud is usually a safe bet for a student. Beyond that stage, we don't mind a little dangle now and then. Francesca's is a great place to find earrings and accessories. In Central Pennsylvania, check out Knock Knock Boutique . Or try these:

6. A New Dance Bag. Ask a dancer what's in their bag. Or better yet, don't because the list may be so long and so varied it will never end. Now, some dancers are really particular about the style, shape, color, etc.. that you may want to see #4 and opt for a gift certificate and mention you were thinking of a bag. 

7. Socks. Socks are amazing. Sometimes they match, sometimes they don't. They can be kitchy or traditional, long or short. This is one gift item that isn't costly and always appreciated. 

8. Caffeine. EASY! Dancers run on caffeine. Pick up a gift card for a favorite brand, get your dancer a new french press, or their favorite fair trade organic tea! 

9. A Journal. Great for writing down choreography, schedules, notes, or thoughts. Barnes & Nobles always has a great variety or check out one of these two on Amazon:

10. Technology. Wireless headphones, anyone? A new IPad, laptop, or PC? We use them all! The IPad Pro, for example is great for recording clear video and photos, storing a music playlist for class, and taking notes. Its also lightweight and the Rose Gold color, in particular, is gorgeous!

Remember, great presentation makes even the most simple gift shine! Get creative with your designs, your bows, and wrapping paper and just have fun! Your dancer will love that you thought of a gift that encourages their passion. 

Happy Giving!


11. Scarves. We like scarves. Knit, acrylic, whatever. We like them.

12. Food service! How about dinner? Peapod Delivery, Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, or a local produce or organic food delivery is always helpful. Great for the working professional with no time to grocery shop or the starving artist who could use a little help now and then. Here's a link to a Peapod App for shopping:

13. Make-up and beauty products. Grab a Sephora or Ulta giftcard and you are done.