The #1 Item That Must be in Your Dance Bag This Fall

Wearing my Apolla INFINITE Shocks at a 2017 Progressing Ballet Technique™ Workshop

{Hint, hint: There's a surprise at the end!}

Teachers, dancers...If you make 1 purchase for the upcoming dance season, it MUST be Apolla Shocks


Because Shocks are a game changer! And you, my friend, stay ahead of the times. You embrace change, especially when it benefits your body and how you dance.

What is a Shock?

“Benefit of a shoe+ comfort of socks.“

Shocks are shoes+ socks specifically made for dance. They feature arch support, compression, and traction, if desired. They are moisture-wicking, anti-microbial [read anti-stink] and machine washable. Shocks were created by dancers for dancers. The founding team includes a kinesiologist, professional dancer/choreographer, and entrepreneur. They are working incredibly hard to bring us the best!

Three Styles

I became interested in Shocks after one of their ads popped up on my Facebook news feed. After reading the specs on their three styles, The ALPHA, the PERFORMANCE, and the INFINITE, I purchased a pair of INFINITE Shocks with Traction in Black, size medium. The INFINITE offers the highest level of support. I also purchased their Mesh Bag. The bag is great for laundering your socks and for storing them in your dance bag. You can explore their website to see all of the style and color options.

How do Shocks compare to dance sneakers?

In my years as a dance educator, I’ve taught in ballet shoes, pedinis, dance sneakers, and jazz shoes. For me, dance sneakers are too clunky. I have flat feet, so I am not particularly fond of the line that sneakers give me, but would wear them for support. And regardless of a "spin-spot," I don’t love sneakers for pirouettes. 

Since Shocks hug your foot, they show your feet beautifully. Shocks provide support without bulk. Also, there is no need for a spin spot. The traction enables you to turn on marley floors. 

How do Shocks compare to Pedinis, Ballet Shoes, and Jazz Shoes?

I found that pedini-type shoes hurt the center of my heel and my 3rd/4th metatarsals when worn over long periods of time. Ballet shoes and jazz shoes are OK. However, I frequently experienced back pain, patellar tendonitis flare ups, and joint soreness after teaching for many hours. I assumed it was just the effects of getting older.

I’ve been wearing the INFINITE Shocks since Jan 30, for a minimum 3 hours per day while teaching ballet, modern and/or setting choreography. I have seen a HUGE improvement in how my body feels. I forgot my Shocks one day and went back to ballet shoes.  After the day of wearing ballet shoes, I knew the truth. The Shocks make a DIFFERENCE!  When I get out of bed each morning, I no longer experience excruciating joint and tendon pain when I place my feet on the ground. I used to hobble around my house each morning because my feet and ankles hurt! Those days are long gone. AND, I no longer have to sit down when I'm teaching due to sore knees, sore ankles or a sore back. 

Do you want to know the best part?

Now that I am pain-free, I dance more when I’m instructing. Shocks have been part of my personal journey to get back on track with my own health and well-being.

I am very grateful to the founders and staff at Apolla. I reached out to them with questions that I had and received fantastic customer service.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

How many pair do you need?

1 or 100. It is up to you! You can wear them repeatedly and guess what? No stink!

How often should you wash them?

I wash mine weekly. According to Apolla, some people wash weekly, monthly, others have two pair and rotate. Still others wear a different pair every class. Just remember that frequent washing will wear down the traction at a faster rate, which can be refreshed.

When do you need to buy new ones?

It is recommended that you replace your Shocks every six months.



Worth every penny.

Disclaimer: I wrote this review because I love this product! All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced by Apolla Performance. After writing my review, I informed Apolla Performance of the review on my blog. The company has graciously offered a discount code for my readers!
— Danielle Guillermo

Now it is your turned to be "shocked" by how fantastic you can feel.

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Don't delay! Grab this must have item before you return to your fall classes!

Comment below and let me know which style of Shocks you will be purchasing.

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