Back to Class Dance Bag Checklist

Are you ready to begin a new season of dance? To be prepared for a fantastic season, make sure your bag is packed with the following items.

1. Bobby pins, bobby pins, and more bobby pins. Purchase at least 3 packs, because you will lose 3/4 of them!

2. Three packs of hair ties. These items disappear like bobby pins.

3. 2 packs of hair nets. One bag for you and one for the friend who always forgets.

4. Bristled brush, wide and fine tooth comb. Don't forget a spray water bottle, pomade, and gel.  

5. Rhinestone earrings. You will need them for performances so go ahead and make the purchase now.

6. False lashes, if applicable. This is another item that is often forgotten until the last minute. Save yourself the trouble and make the purchase now.

7. A spare pair of tights and leotard in appropriate colors and styles as assigned by your school. Ideally, you'll want to purchase a pair of tights and leotard for each day of classes you have each week (minimum).

8. Required dance shoes.

9. Band-aids, athletic tape, toe tape, needle and thread, spacers, toe pads- any and all necessary pointe shoe accessories.

10. Warmups. 

Last, but definitely not least, don't forget your Apolla Shocks!  Why? See my review here

Did I miss anything? Let me know what you'd add in the comments.


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