Don't Lose What You've Gained



We all know the story. You audition and get accepted into your dream summer intensive. You have the time of your life soaking up new information. You take your technique and artistry to the next level. You make new friends. You live "on your own."

But, now the curtain has fallen on your final workshop performance. It is time to go home. You are so excited to share everything you've learned. Unfortunately, classes don't officially start for another month. 

What's a dancer to do? 

1. Rest.

Take a week off. Have non-dance fun. Reconnect with your family and friends. Give your mind and body time to unpack the intensity of the previous weeks.

2. Find another source of strength and conditioning. 

After you've given your body time to rest, consider complimentary exercise. Focus on Pilates, yoga, gyrotonics, or swimming. Hit the gym for some cardio and supervised weight training.  Seek help with weak and injury prone areas of the body. Strengthen and condition the entire body so that you return feeling energized and ready to handle the fall semester.

3. Find drop-in classes. 

Look for a reputable organization that offers pay-as-you-go or short term commitment. Consider taking one class per day, 3-5 days per week. This is also a great time to try private lessons! 

4. Engage your mind. 

As a dancer, you aren't limited to only learning through experience. Knowledge can also be gained through observing, reading, and listening to more experienced dance professionals. Comb performance videos. Find out what attracts you to certain dancers and think about how you can incorporate those qualities into your dancing. Read biographies for inspiration, or technical manuals to deepen your understanding. Review corrections and notes that were given to you during the intensive. Lay by the pool and learn from your favorite podcast! 

When it is time to begin your fall classes, you will be strong, refreshed, and ready to go!

Your turn!

How do you maintain what you've learned?

What are your tips for summer downtime? 

Leave your comments below! 

UPDATE 7/30/19: You could also update your resume during your downtime before you forget the details of the summer! Download my 5 Step Dance Resume Playbook for an overview of how to craft a winning resume and sign up for my upcoming course, EASY Dance Resume.

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