Where do you find inspiration?

Where do you find inspiration? I’m not only addressing artists here…I’m speaking to anyone reading this! What do you do when you feel absolutely stuck…when you need a new idea or solution? Or do you have the opposite problem, which I often experience, of having too many ideas and no thought of where to begin or how to use them?

This past week, I hit the wall-- twice. It has been happening with a big, ongoing project and then also with a smaller, but no less important responsibility. This time, the solution was the same for both. I had to do it anyway. I just had to start and then the motivation came, as if it had been there all along just waiting to come out. It takes faith to do things that way. You have to trust that there is good stuff already inside of you. You have to trust that if you just start moving through instead of standing still and worrying or over-analyzing that you’ll reach your goal.

Sometimes, my family inspires me. My daughter is full of almost-three-year-old creativity. Her mind works so differently from mine and I love it! My husband can sometimes sort through all of my thoughts and ramblings to find what I’m really trying to say or do. Sometimes inspiration comes from books or people I look up to, TV, the stage, being around other creative people. Quiet time also works, but I rarely find that outside of my car rides home from work. (Even showers get interrupted when you have a child!)  

How about you? How do you get or stay inspired?