Add These to Your Dance Bag This Summer

Photo from of the K-Warmer

Photo from of the K-Warmer

In August 2017, I wrote a blog post titled, The #1 Item That Must Be in Your Dance Bag This Fall. In it, I chronicled my journey from pain with various teaching shoes to relief with Apolla Performance Infinite Shocks. Shocks changed my story from waking up with major foot pain to waking up and dancing pain free!

Today, I want to give a quick review of the Apolla K-Warmer. It is short, because I think investment in the K-Warmer is a no-brainer.

Problem: Dancers need and want leg warmers. They keep your body warm during warm up, between classes, and comfort injuries. However, many, no, most knit leg warmers slouch and require constant pulling and resituating to keep them in the right place. Notice I said warmers “comfort” injuries. I’m not a doctor or physical therapist, but I’m not sure that your typical leg or ankle warmer is doing much to really heal your problem.

Solution: Apolla K-Warmer. Here’s what they do

  • K-Warmers keep your legs warm.

  • They’re slim fit like a thick legging and stay where you place them. No tugging, no bulk.

  • K-Warmers utilize Kinesio compression which gives your legs actual support.

    • Compression helps reduce inflammation and improves circulation…which facilitates better recovery.

    • Energy absorption

Since we all need leg warmers, why not wear a leg warmer that is designed for more than looks?

I love the compression that the K-Warmer and other Apolla products provide. As a former professional, now educator I have struggled with knee issues. First the Infinite Shock, now the K-Warmer keep me feeling strong and supported in the classroom.

Is it OK for me to say, they just feel good?

You can pair your K-Warmer with any of the Apolla products. Ballet dancers, in particular, will want to consider the Joule with the K-Warmer. The Joule can be worn over or under a ballet or pointe shoe. I sometimes wear the Joule to teach modern or contemporary classes. I am loving the many shades the Joule comes in.

Teaching a private PBT class in Joules

Teaching a private PBT class in Joules

Before a modern class

Before a modern class

The Infinite Shock is still my go-to! It offers the maximum level of support and shock absorption. Before Shocks, a day of teaching meant waking up to ridiculous pain when I put my feet on the ground. Now, I get up and go without a second thought!

Wearing my Infinite Shocks and a prototype K-warmer

Wearing my Infinite Shocks and a prototype K-warmer

Although wearing Shocks significantly reduced pain, stiffness, and soreness in my legs, the K-Warmer provides the extra support that I often need for my knees.

One caveat. I do have to plan ahead with my outfits! I never wear tights these days, but I do wear activewear (i.e. leggings and capris). A legging with an Infinite Shock (a mid-calf fit) with the K-Warmer is too many layers for me. The K-Warmer can serve as your legging or tight where permitted, or can be paired with a thinner legging, capri, or shorts. Does that make sense?

Layering my K-warmer for a busy night of teaching

Layering my K-warmer for a busy night of teaching

Before you set off on your summer adventures- whether teaching, dancing, or choreographing, make sure that you pack K-Warmers and Shocks in your bag! Visit the Apolla website to choose from 5 different styles of Shocks. Not sure which bag to choose? Check out this tote from Dance Nerd

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are purely my own. I was not compensated for writing this post and receive no compensation for your purchases from Apolla Performance.

Since I like to make sure my readers have the latests and greatest products, I reached out to Apolla Performance for their assistance. Apolla Performance is extending a special offer to my blog readers!

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