Why Does it Matter Where I Send my Child to Dance?

Today, I’m answering the question, “Why does it matter where I send my child to dance?”

“ I think I’ll put her in dance.”

It surprises me when friends or acquaintances who know of my professional background don’t ask me for suggestions for where to send their child to dance. But, I realize that everyone doesn’t look at extracurricular activities the same way. Intimidation can be a factor. Some may not even know that where their child is trained can effect the course of their career.

“Its not that serious.”

So, here’s my point of view.

Send your child to a place that will provide quality training whether or not they decide to pursue dance in the future.

Please don’t simply choose the first listing in your google search or default to the program closest to your house.

I once heard a speaker say, “If someone sees a bad movie, it doesn’t stop them from ever going to the movies again. But, if they see a bad dance performance, people rarely give it [dance] a second chance.”

Give your child a decent chance to enjoy dance. Invest in education that will allow your child to stand with correct posture, express through movement, and learn about the arts. Dance is so much more than pretty costumes in a recital. A good teacher can facilitate this experience.

Furthermore, should your child decide to pursue dance through high school, college, or professionally, proper dance education will allow them to further that path. When your child is trained incorrectly- without proper form and terminology, they are often unable to progress or they have the stress of having to undo what the dean of my college termed, “unfortunate training.” What we learn as children stays with us through the rest of our lives!

Finally, it is fun to learn things the “right” way. Although some parents view places with proper training as too strict, I disagree with that perception. You may not appreciate the approach of a certain teacher or school and that’s fine! But, proper training in and of itself isn’t a burden. It gives us the freedom to do so much more!

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