Introducing Dance Nerd!

Dance Nerd (n): a person who passionately and unapologetically engages in the pursuit of knowledge of all things dance
— Danielle Guillermo

I've been waiting to share this great news... I've always had a plan to create a dance apparel line and this fall, I took the first steps to make it happen. I'm proud to introduce my newest venture, Dance Nerd (and offer free shipping while I do it!) I don't recall the first time that I realized that I was a "Dance Nerd" - that I pursued dance the way people research science or medicine. But, like many you who are reading this, I have a passion for dance- a lifelong enjoyment for an art form that will never fade away. 

Can she talk about anything else?
— Aaron Smith

It may have been my brother who first jokingly called me a Dance Nerd. I was pretty obsessed with reaching my goals and the activities of the studio were all that I talked about as a child. As an adult, I've carved out a career and appreciate many expressions and commitment levels of dance. I love the passion of the professional just as much as that of the recreational beginner taking his/her first steps. 

As a professional I had my dance wear handmade for a custom fit and style. I would draw my designs and a seamstress would interpret and create them. This was before everyone wore Eleve and Yumiko! I loved seeing my creations come to life and learning about what worked and didn't work. I promised myself that one day I would go beyond just designing for myself. Dance Nerd is the beginning of the fulfillment of that promise. The name is a natural fit to a product line inspired by a lifelong study of dance and those who pursue it. You can trust that I will only offer the best fabrics, styles, and colors.

I personally and lovingly design each item that we offer. I think of you and how you'll feel receiving them and wearing or using them. I hope that you'll associate these products with the fun of dance and love the comfort and style of the tees and accessories. I am beginning now with tees, mugs, and posters, but have plans for much more!

Be sure to drop by the store regularly! I'll be changing up the colors periodically so that each design or color is limited! You'll never have to worry that everyone has the same shirt that you have. At the same time, you become part of the greater community of "Dance Nerds."

Finally, may I ask you a favor? Will you help a small business this Saturday? In addition to purchasing an item for yourself, will you share my Facebook page, this blog, or a social media post with all the dancers you know? And don't forget: FREE SHIPPING on tees all weekend 11/24-11/27, 2017!

Enjoy the very best time of the year! 


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